Iíve been in the market for another A4 Avant as I used to have 2.0TDI B7 but I had the dreaded oil pump problem and killed the engine Aside form that the car was lovely!

I only do 10-20 miles a day on fast roads but at the weekend is where I will be shooting up and down the motorways. If I get either car, Iíd like to do euro trips with the family as well.

Now Iím looking at something like an 2.0TDI e Technik but also found the VW Passat Bluemotion is quite comparable. I like the fuel consumption and tax bracket is also awesome.

Have the 2.0TDI engine problems been fixed?

Are there any common faults I should be looking out for? Knocking noises, particular areas of rust or worn parts?

How high mileage wise is too high? My mechanic said my old b7 would easily do 200,000 miles if maintained properly. How do the newer cars compare?

Thanks 🙏