Hi all,

I’m trying to retrofit folding mirrors to my 2014 B8.5 facelift A4, I’ve read many posts and done a good amount of research but have ran into some issues.

I got new door controllers which are exactly like my current ones but an M revision.
SW will be 8T0 959 792M and 8T0 959 793M
HW is currently 8T0 959 793F and 8T0 959 793H. Do I need the P revision despite these modules being ‘highline’? I tried putting my current mirrors in the M revision module but the module doesn’t even control the electrics or indicators. Possibly a faulty module or mismatch of software?

Also, I’m looking at getting mirrors 8K2 857 410 AH and 409 AH, but do the A5 versions work for an A4? (have a breaker friend who has a set for A5)

It also appears folding mirrors are 8-pin instead of 6, is it correct slots 9 and 10 are for folding mirrors (research shows this to be the case for A3’s)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!