So my relationship with the new to me cc hasn't started too well. I've had her 5 months and have had to replace the airbag switch (not so big a deal) but the most recent issue is more of a cause for concern. Clutch pedal wouldn't return and so trailered it to local vag to have it looked at under warranty. I hoped it would be a cylinder issue but apparently it is the clutch drive bearing which apparently requires gearbox out, new bearing and possible new clutch if it turns out to be contaminated. Going to call the warranty people tomorrow to have their thoughts on who's fitting the bill for this one. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to be shelling out something in all of this.

Anyone have any experience of this repair and / or expected warranty claim settlement chances?

I need to update my sig - car's a 2013 tdi 140hp, just gone 50,000 miles.