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Thread: "pin out" for connections above rear screen (and future plans), retrofit DAB aerial 2.0TDI 2011 passat

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  1. Question "pin out" for connections above rear screen (and future plans), retrofit DAB aerial 2.0TDI 2011 passat 
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    Good Evening!

    I have a 2011 2.0 TDi Passat and have a question regarding the multifunction rear screen aerial doo-dads

    I want (in the near future) to replace the 310 DAB CD unit with an android device (Xtrons?) HOWEVER
    at the present time I want to improve the poor DAB reception and to this end I want to repeat an exercise
    I did on my Nissan Note: viz. fitting a powered DAB/FM aerial.

    Now I am a stranger in a strange land as regards the colourful connections on the multifunction unit accessed behind
    the pull off panel inside the cat and above the top edge of the windscreen.

    I am perfectly ok with installing the powered aerial BUT I just need to know which wire does what so I can
    splice them into the wires from the retrofit aerial, will there be any problems in doing this?

    Apologies if this is going over old ground and for not "using the right words"!

    Many thanks

    Dr B

    ADDED: Captain's Log Supplemental - Intensive Googling revealed this information
    as part of a reveiw of an ICE fitment here on Slideshare!:

    I think I have my answer for the pinouts from this page (my highlighting)

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  2. SOLVED Re: "pin out" for connections above rear screen (and future plans), retrofit DAB aerial 2.0TDI 2011 passat 
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    [see my reply below]

    I think these are the connections under the removable cover at the back of the headlining....

    Can I connect these (which to which?) to a retrofit antenna?

    Am I right in thinking the inputs here come from 2 in line amplifiers?

    Can I take ignition switched 12v off either for the aerial 12v+?

    09-04-2019 117.jpg
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  3. Re: "pin out" for connections above rear screen (and future plans), retrofit DAB aerial 2.0TDI 2011 passat 
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    Shopping list

    Aerials via Ebay about £25 a shot (had a spare0

    The interconnects were
    2 x blue male fakra to 2 x female fakra splitters
    - to split out the connection to the rear screen aerial AND the new setup (however not needed in the case of DAB (see below))
    a fakra to 2 x DIN female splitter (for the FM aerials)
    a fakra male to SMB male (to feed to the SMB splitter)

    All from Amazon (not cheapest but quickest)

    a SMB male to 2 x SMB male t piece (out of my bits bin for the two DAB aerials)

    fused 12v cigarette lighter plug for the 12v to the aerial (ditto, into the plug in the boot)

    Blue fakra MALE connections appear to accept any FEMALE fakra socket BUT
    Blue FEMALE connections do not fit on any MALES due to the splines

    So..... by holding the MENU button in I got the "hidden" menu, right option to reveal the signal strength gauge, there is also an ANT (yes/no) display (handy)

    Access to the fakra connector on the screen aerial by pulling off the plastic cover on the top of the rear screen

    The femal fakra plugs remove by pulling the white plastic "slidy thing" away from the plug at right angles to the mounting plate of the aerial and then pushing it towards the plug to release
    the plug at the bottom, take care as you can easily anhialate(sp?) these things and they won't grip [there are SMB connectors inside these plug/sockets but I don't know if they will work if the
    socket of the female plug is unsheathed]

    so by detaching the rear Fakra connections one at a tine and watching the ANT go from YES to NO I could work out which one was for FM and which one/two for FM

    Now to retro fit another antenna I went for the relatively easy route of removing the grip handles in the rear pulling back the door seals and working in the roof space between the headlining and the roof skin. I had two powered DAB/FM aerials so decided to fit one each side about 180mm forward of the rear screen edge. (measure TWICE, cut once)

    The roof is quite complex inside with stiffeners and the curtain airbags so disconnect the battery, earth yourself out and no massive amounts of static please......... the best we ever got an airbag to go was 40ft in the air with one out of a Volvo, not something you want going bang in your mush......

    I had a proper taper hole drill so after popping a pilot hole far enough in and forwards to clear the stiffener I drilled the holes. CHECK 3 times, drill once holding anything in the way that is mobile out of the way.

    Fitted the aerials with some silicon sealant under the seal to make sure..... put the locknut on.......

    Now what I really needed was a 21mm ring spanner cut down to 3" to enable me to do the locknut up! (I didn't) swearing followed

    Now connecting it all up (including the 12v supply for each aerial dangling down one pillar, to be hidden soon) made for fun.....

    the necessary lengths (3"-6" maybe) of the DAB and FM interconnects emerged along the trailing edge of the headlining (access by removing the 4x torx?/star? bolts in the white plastic edge to the headlining) the centre line space between the headlining and the roof was exploited as a repository for the spare lengths of FM / DAB coax as I am incapable of crimping on connections I don't want to buy....

    leaving the existing DAB aerial connected with the new ones seemed to freak the head unit out into showing no aerial and no signal (why?) , disconnecting the rear screen fakra got me
    what I wanted.... wicked DAB reception and ANT: YES

    FM was no problem as far as I can tell, better reception all round......

    Not a lot of sense posting pictures as all the wiring is hidden under the headlining, suggest you draw a circuit diagram for the fakra to DIN and fakra to SMB interconnects
    so you don't buy the wrong combinations....

    Hope this helps/ I not saying which connector goes to which antenna as there is no guarantee you car is the same as mine

    Happy DABing!

    Dr B
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