<font color="#1D2129"><span style="font-family: Helvetica"> Hi guys I cant believe my luck, on the way to Doncaster Audi for a routine gear box oil and filter change I got the dreaded gearbox malfunction but you can still continue driving warning.
Fault was: gearbox malfunction light on dash due to J587 - selector lever sensor control unit faulty
Quoiting £1188.18 to fix
Also had a Oil leak from gearbox suspect gearbox pan and seal defective
Quoting £813.94
That’s not the worse part, after telling them I wish to get a couple of quotes for the repair work elsewhere, driving home I lost drive several times and lots of warning lights on the dash IE ESP fault TPMS fault ETC ETC
Managed to limp home, but now the car will not start and the gear lever is stuck, get a warning saying engage N or P to start engine used the override button to move lever but it still will not start
Hope you guys can help in anyway
Cheers Andy, 1 sad Audi owner