I have to replace rear bumper and found a used replacement in the same colour with retrofitted sensors in the bumper. I have the module/controller and buzzer too. The sensors are bosch make. The loom for the parking sensors is intact along the inside of the bumper up to the main connector but the loom from this point, that goes up to the boot of the car then to the module, is missing. The module has the two connectors in situ as the buzzer but the wires are chopped off. Can someone please point me in the right direction where either i can get part of the missing loom or someone that can make one with a view to get the sensors working. Dealer wants reg of car that sensors were fitted to, to find the missing part of the loom but have no reg for the car they came out of. According to them they are all different. My head unit is an rcd300 but looking to upgrade.