Hi All,

I think it would be fair to say I have been very disappointed with my Golf Mk6 (GT 2.0) over the last 9 years.

The latest poor quality failure is the rear screen wash hose which appears to have split in a couple of places in the boot lid. Hard to tell exactly but the fabric tape is saturated in screen wash, which I think has tracked back into the c-pillar and knocked out the connection for the 2 aerials (both showing as 'off' on the head unit for the last couple of months).

Anyway, I've got the lower and upper boot lid trim off, just need to remove a little more trim and then the c-pilar trim where I think I can get access to the aerial connections and also the connection for the washer hose.

I'm thinking to replace the whole length of hose from the c-pillar connection to the rear brake light connection (I think this is approx 0.9m). I think I am okay getting the remaining trim off. I can't work out how the basic clips work for the standard model brake light, I have the VW instructions but can't work it out. The only other questions I have which hopefully someone will have a view on:

  1. I saw someone recommend Tygon 2375 as a suitable replacement but it will cost about 20 for a 1m length. It has good resistance to alcohols apparently and slightly better than the Tygon F-4040 fuel hose which I was also considering. All seems overkill to me when you can get a basic nylon Ring Automotive hose for a few quid. Anyone any thoughts?
  2. I think a 4.8mm internal diameter hose will work as I think the existing hose is around 5mm ID.
  3. I see in my car that the hose is fully wrapped in fabric tape where it goes through the boot lid rubber conduit but then is partially wrapped (i.e. big gaps between wrapping) up to the brake light. I can't work out whether it is sound (from tapping of the metal work) or thermal insulation wrapping. Just intriggued on the purpose of the wrapping and whether I'd need to replicate on a replacement hose.

Appreciate any thoughts - shouldn't have to be doing this if VW used a better quality hose for the screen wash. Hopefully I can dry out and clean up the radio connection and get the radio working again.

Many thanks in advance,