Got a 1.9 TDi Altea just before the festive. I was going away for a few weeks so lent it to a friend while he was home from NZ. Got a message to say he was reversing in to a layby when she cut out dead on him. Dash was black. Interior lights work, 12v socket (was charging his phone as he talked to me), central locking, hazard lights, sidelights (no headlights), and no starter. I've tried my code reader but it can't get through to the ECU either in typical VAG mode or just an OBDII scan, so I'm assuming the ECU has no power. OBDII port seems to have voltage though as the code reader fired up immediately on connection.

IDK if it's relevant, but he'd told me the CEL had come on a day or 2 before, but as I was away I wasn't able to use the code-reader on it at the time.

I haven't checked all the fuses yet other than a quick visual look at them but saw no faults.

Relays in the dash are 433 and 449 in the upper section, 460 and 449 lower left, 53 lower centre and 449, 2x 404, 460 lower right.

There is at least one relay under the bonnet too but I dont have a note of what number was on it.

Any help greatly appreciated!