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Thread: Headlight switch or bulbs? No full beam or flasher

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  1. Headlight switch or bulbs? No full beam or flasher 
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    Got one issue that I'm trying to resolve with my 98 Cabrio

    The light warning sign is on the car and Full beams / flasher both do not work. I ordered a new stalk but ended up being sent the wrong one and cannot find the flasher that fits my car at the moment (still searching).

    I've checked the fuses - they're all fine. However, when I put the full beam switch on - the full beam fuses are only getting 0.26v (dipped beams reading over 13v). Without the full beam switch I'm getting 0v.

    Does anyone know if the low voltage is because of a busted switch or incorrect bulbs? I don't know why the car would say bulb fault at startup if the switch was busted so I'm thinking maybe incorrect bulbs or a wiring fault somewhere?

    I've checked MOT history and the flasher hasn't been working previous 2 MOTs... don't think my MOT tester will be so lenient!
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  2. Re: Headlight switch or bulbs? No full beam or flasher 
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    Without a wiring diagram I am going to struggle to help, there isn't one for an 8G or even the very similar 8A salon on Elsa or erWin, the only easy way to get one is this DVD manual
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