I'm new to this forum and apologise if I missed similar topic in search.
I've got Golf Mk6 1.6 TDI for at least 2.5 years or so...with the problem - wobbly idling. It started about a year ago, I did not notice the problem before. The engine always starts normally but while it's warming up (esp. when the t is below +3C) and revs decrease from ~1100 to standard 780-800 it snorts and wobbles a bit.
Actually I guess it's all about faulty injectors... There are 03L130277B ones, never been replaced. The mileage is 157k on dashboard, but the actual number is unknown cuz it's been cut down :-\ I took the injectors out and checked them on Rabotti Unitec bench which showed that they are really been worn out. VCDS also showed that injectors work pretty rough. I can attach screenshots later if needed. Btw, fuel consumption is increased a bit in a city cycle.
Occasionally the engine works absolutely normally, but when it's idling and I slightly put accelerator pedal to ~900 revs and immediately release it the engine begins to wobble and sound like a tractor again. And also when it's alright I push the clutch pedal and slowly release it (on neutral gear) the same thing happens. Tr-tr-tr-tr...and so on. It's enough to push on the throttle to make the engine work normally. But it can shake on idle constantly until I restart the engine. ***Here's a video*** for an example (with a Polo, but it doesn't matter if the engine is the same).

But sometimes the engine runs smoothly as if nothing had happened. It seems that he lives his own life :-| So what's the actual problem?
p.s. Seems there's no EGR and no DPF.

Sorry for my bad English, haven't written in it for quite a long time.
Regards, Nick