Hi All

Wonder if I can bow to your superior knowledge.

We have the above vehicle, it is a manual with cruise control, to which I would like to fit the above multi function steering wheel, I know I need the following items.

1) Steering wheel controller (In vehicle 1K0 953 549 BC) Understand I need something with LIN 1.3 to enable MFSW to function, have heard 1K0 953 549 AJ would do the job, but it is an older model controller than ours. Would it be better to get a model above ours with LIN 1.3

2) Air Bag Wiring Loom 1K0 971 584 C - would this do the job

3) Slip Ring - I have not got the part number of ours yet, cannot find it under VAG COM. Part suggested is 1K0 959 653 C - If ours is not suitable.

Your wisdom is appreciated

Thank You.