Hi all
I have today installed a Pioneer DA230DAB into my 2007 Audi A4 (with Bose)
Used Connects2 CTKAU02 adapter

First problem was no power to head unit at all... after reading a few threads and watching YouTube, I ran a wire from the ignition lead on the adapter direct to the Stereo fuse

We have power... but constant power, stereo can only be turned off with button on the Stereo

I used a fuse spur (forgive me if that's the wrong name...) into the Stereo fuse socket

I tested this with a Multimeter before fitting; it said there was no power with ignition off... so I am rather baffled

Also, having just been out... when I turn on the sidelights / headlights there is quite a loud buzzing noise

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was looking for someone in the area with knowledge that can help, if anyone is aware of such a hero please let me know!