HI, i have a 2006 golf 1.6 fsi (BLF) and it is driving me crazy. Has no power, starts and runs fine but when you accelerate it is as if the handbrake were stuck on.
I have scanned the ECU and it came back with a fault P000A "A" camshaft position slow response ( bank 1 ).
I have replaced the timing chain and tensioner, coils, spark plugs, camshaft position sensor, oil and filter, and whilst the sump was off i cleaned out the oil pick up and checked the oil pump. i have also bench tested the N205 camshaft solenoid and it appears to be operating ( clicking ) but i'm not sure how much movement it should have.
The fault code comes back on as soon as you drive down the road, but no engine check light.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as i'm running out of hair to pull out.