Hi Guys, I really need some help with my mk4 golf gti (1.8t), Recently it had thrown codes for throttle positions sensor left right and centre. I changed the throttle pedal & all was well for a month or so but as I drove my car home form work today it lost power again & didn't rev properly, I scanned it with VCDS when I got home & I got this code

17579 - Angle Sensor 2 for the throttle actuator (G188) - Implausible Signal - P1171 - 35 - 10 - Intermittent

When I cleared the code the car ran fine again, but I know it will come back, Ive changed the throttle body & the throttle pedal & like I said for a while It was fine, But now im out of ideas, I was told it could be battery but the voltage is fine so I replaced the terminals & cleaned up the grounds already.

Could it be the wiring or connectors to the pedal/throttle body?

I really need some advice otherwise im going to be footing a massive bill for diagnostics & repair somewhere