Recently got an 2012 a7. Great car just wonder If there's a way to do a few things below.

1. Adaptive cruise control be set to number 1 distance
2. Stop radio from starting - I will try mute or volume down see what happens after that
3. Auto stop start when stopped using the brake is there a way to keep it off with foot off brake using accelerate to activate engine would be great as using auto hold defeats the object when realising brake
4. Lights switching them to off should be off? Drl,s are on but switched onto side lights drl,s are on but dim?
5. Rear indicators to be dynamic well semi dynamic between the 2 indicator lights?
6. Set speed for when spoiler comes on? And ba k down?
7. Keep spoiler up when car off and start again?
8. If somebody in the car ford and vw have a way to reduce the alarm allowing you to lock doors with somebody in the car?
9. Map in the cluster shows Compass when no route selected is there a way to show the road etc?
10. Front parking sensors do t activate when close to a car unless button is.pressed or reverse is activated?
11. Reverse camera my picture is poor is there a way to get it clearer?

Sure there's a few things if missed lol sorry if it's long