Hello I,m a newbie to your forum my name is Steve
I have rebuilt a 1.4 golf after failing M.O.T. on high emissions, it had 91k miles on it with full V.W. service history when I bought it as a an mot failure, new piston rings and honed the bores and came in specs after the work on the pistons rings and bores, got the head checked and skimmed and the valves reground by the local machine shop, engine runs nice from cold but starts to over fuel when hot and smell of fuel and blue smoke from exhaust.
I have replaced the following
new Bosch co2 sensor, new kat, new coolant temp sensor, new single point injector, new dizzy complete unit ie hall sensor, new leads and plugs, replaced vacuum hoses, tested for operation the warm up valve, and the fuel pump, replaced the intank fuel pump and filter,
I have checked the wiring and multi plugs to and from the fuel injection unit and the various sensors and the run of the harness to the ECU but and appears to be good, and still no difference to the fault above
can the ecu be faulty, I don't know and I can't test it and am total drained by it, sad thing is its a nice solid car 2 door very clean, but totally useless as far as getting an M.O.T. DSC_0427.jpg