Hey folks,
I'm trying to get the part number of a connector on the Steering Column Electronics Control Unit as part of the effort to get a 'repair wire' to wire in pin 1&2 to the unit.

Why - retro fitting a heated steering wheel and this module is getting replaced with a 4H0953568B. The heated wheel seems to pull power/GND from the first two pins of that connector and on my A8 those aren't wired. So, to get the correct repair wires to wire those up I need the part number of the connector itself and local Audi will help.

In ETKA the connector is named T16d but I might as well have been speaking Spanish to the dude in Audi

This is the connector in question, pins 1&2 being those hefty ones on the left;
Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 5.43.54 PM.jpg

Anyone able to help? Either the part number of that block connector OR the suitable repair wires. Don't mind getting a few to check out. The wire I believe needs to be 1mm in diameter.