I'm looking at replacement company car options and am hoping to get some low down on the 1.5 petrol turbo Arteon from any current owners.

I'm specifically interested in a car with a manual 'box but would like to understand what sort of average MPG anyone's managing to get from this engine, with a manual or a DSG box. Having had a 2.0 litre turbo diesel (currently a Hyundai Tucson and prior to that a Passat CC) for the last 6 or so years, I'm excited by the prospect of getting back to petrol power but need to arrange a proper test drive so I can see how it feels in different conditions.

My other questions concerns the live traffic data. The Tuscon's nav has integrated Tom Tom traffic data, which is outstanding in terms of the level of detail and accuracy, so I've now had my expectation set by that! I was therefore wondering whether the Arteon's built-in nav (as opposed to using something like Google Maps via Android Auto) is any good, as the basic TMC option that pretty much every nav unit offers as standard is generally quite poor (although better than nothing at all).

I'm not sure how many owners of 1.5 Arteons are out there but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks, in anticipation...