Hi all,

I have an '62 place A6 Allroad 3.0L TDi, and the MMI packed up a couple of weeks ago. The display shows the boot logo, and then after a few seconds the display folds away and won't respond.

It's been into the local dealer, and after a few hours' diagnostics they've said the it requires a new tuner unit - 4G0035056J, costing nigh-on 1000 including fitting and 'coding'.

Do I have any options here, e.g., to buy a second-hand one or source one from a third party? Any suggestions on how to reduce the cost and where to look? Googling that part number implies that it's the same head unit as a Lambo Huracane (!!) - here. Does that matter - is it the same hardware, but just the coding that makes the difference?