Hi all

I am stumped by the e-mail access on the Q7 MMI. I have a 2017 MY e-tron, so it's got the full MMI, SIM, etc. Embarrassingly, while I have the car 10 months, I never really attempted to setup e-mail access in the MMI.
My phone is a Galaxy S9+, and all the usual functions work fine: BT calls, Txt messages, music streaming, Android Auto, Spotify, Internet Radio, etc.

I use the phone data transfer for Audi Connect, I see the news, weather, my phone calendar in the MMI. What I can't get to work is email. All the subscriptions are in date other than Mobile Data, and I don't need that as I use the data allowance on my phone.

When I scroll to e-mail on the Audi-Connect I get "No mobile phone is connected or no e-mail account has been added"

As a phone is connected, it's clearly that the account is not added. I did find reference to using the mobile app to do this, but I see no functionality in the "Red" or "Grey" phone app relating to email?

And as for the web interface!!! What a mess. My favorite feature was the ability to send a location from Google maps on my desktop to the car. Now I can't even get past the Audi login page, it just freezes. ***

I have not spent much time on this, but Audi will really alienate customers up if this is the best they can do.