Good afternoon,

apologies for not logging in to the site for a while but after a break in Audi ownership i recently bought a superb Allroad 2.5tdi manual which i am thoroughly enjoying owning. I have tackled some immediate issues however have been unsuccessful in fixing my stereo issue. So, the car came with a navagation plus stereo which when turned on suggested safe pin was disconnected confirmed by the German message. So a quick search told me i had to add a constant +ve to pin adjacent to the +ve input which allowed the stereo to switch on. The sound only came on in the rear tweeters and amp in boot however as the CD player was broken and the stereo looked a bit bashed i assumed the amp in the stereo may have been damaged and i went about sourcing a replacement. I (stupidly) sourced a symphony 2 unit from a B7 which of course does not fit the C5 aperture and in fact does not connect to MFSW control or ignition source/lights however, the sound now comes through all speakers bar the passenger front so an improvement. I must add i had to disconnect the bose wire on the multi plug to achieve front speaker sound. I then decided to source a symphony unit from a C5 of similar year which fits straight in and switches on per the ignition switch and MFSW controls are restored but again i am back to only tweeters in the rear like the original navagation plus!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help me please

many thanks for any help