Basically I'm considering 3 options and was wondering on their requirements.

1. I have a Dension Gateway 100 with an iPod nano (2nd gen) dock. I used this on a '56 reg Peugeot 207 which had (I think) a Blaupunkt head unit. Can I connect the Dension to the head unit of the Golf? (the online Dension guide says "yes" but I'm wondering are there any recent guides available here on what I would need to do/buy etc.?).

2. Fitting a USB input so I can use my new iPod nano 7th generation. Is this possible? Again, what cables would I need etc.

3. This is more of a "can it question". What types of file can the native CD changer read? MP3, MP4, FLAC, WAV etc. Can it read files on CD-RW?

I have looked through some of the guides here but have sort of drawn a blank - my apologies if I've overlooked a thread where this information is given.

Thanks for any help or advice.