Iím currently trawling through old posts to gather as much information as possible and to make sure I know what to look for. Iíd like some advice though please.

Iíve left a deposit on a MY15 A6 Black Edition in Glacier White at Leeds Audi, I would have liked one with tech pack but had to compromise, it does have the folding mirrors and heated seats I wanted though.
Itís currently on 56k miles which is a little higher than I would have liked but like the idea of it being from an Approved dealer and hope it has been serviced inline with Audiís schedule. I need to check tomorrow to make sure the oil has been replaced in the Stronic, I hope it would have been serviced correctly being an approved Audi?
My main concerns is reliability, I will be using the car mainly for travelling 140 miles a day to/from work (I take car allowance as oppose to company car and I get paid for fuel, the car will sit at 70mph on a pretty uninterrupted journey. I intend to have servicing work carried out by Audi as the fixed price servicing seems ok. (Hoping they keep the free MOT offer on for cambelt replacement when it will be due next year)

I plan to put a lot of miles on the car and itís replacing a 14 Insignia 2.0 CDTI, which the engine has just seized on after 130k miles, seems way too low for me for a car sitting at 70mph most days and could do with the Audi lasting potentially up to 200k (hoping to keep it as low as possible by using my wives car for work occasionally). Am I being unrealistic and am I going to end up with problems with the gearbox or anything else?

I will also use the car to tow my caravan occasionally, any issues in that respect?

Finally, I managed to get 60mpg plus when travelling on the motorway in the Insignia, I donít expect the same from the Audi but realistically what should I expect?

Thanks in advance for any advice on the above or in general.