A few weeks ago was having trouble with air suspension whereby when left for several days it would lower onto the stops but would pump up again once engine started. I suspected a leak and booked it into local indy. However before I could get it in the air suspension failed altogether and would not pump up.

Indy diagnosed it as failed front offside strut. This was replaced (non-OEM) and all was fine for a couple of weeks. However now the suspension has started lowering of it's own accord intermittently. It does not move when driving at speed or when parked up with engine off however when stopping to park, or reverse into drive or parking space or sometimes when first setting off etc. it lowers at the front to the point where both warning lights flash but then raises itself again to comfort and remains.

I took it back to the indy who was unable to find any problems anywhere with the system and only fault code present was 'implausible signal'. It seems too much of a coincidence for the fault not to be related to the new strut but currently indy is saying this isn't the cause.

My guess would be it's something to do with a position sensor on the new strut though I don't even know if they have one! Certainly seems to be something that is not directly monitored by the cars system.

Any help appreciated.

2005 3.0L Avant Quattro, 148000 mile.