Just acquired my first VW, a mk5 2.0 tdi 58plate 106k miles. Compared to my Focus, its dandy but...

3 weeks ago the ABS lights started showing, got the RAC to delete them then a week later they started flashing again.
Long story short, a local garage quoted me 580 quids to replace ABS thingy, re-code, etc, sorted. So I trusted them and went ahead Thursday.

Got a phone call off them Thursdsy pm sayng theyve fitted ABS unit but havent re-coded it yet but I can use car til they sort it next week.

I'm now driving a car with:

No speedo, no reversing sensors, no tone for reverse gear engaged, no aircon, engine surging when driving, low fuel showing falsely, engine light on, glow plug light flashing, reduction in power steering, no mileage or trip meters working.

Apart from these things, it drives great.

My question is... will some boffin with a plug in device cure the above or am I the owner of a piece of sh*t?

Thanks in advance.