Hello everyone.

I decided to make an account so I can have some important queries answered regarding a car I am looking to buy. I currently own a 9N3 Polo E and I'm looking to upgrade to a MK6 SE 1.4 TSI 122.

So the car in question is a 2009 MK6 Golf 86K in Huddersfield for just over 4.5k - Full service history and receipts but no MOT as of yet

Sounds good? But there is a catch! The car has had a new clutch (@85K) and timing chain (@84K) I understand the TSI's have dodgy timing chains but this has had the work fully and professionally done. Along with the clutch at the same mechanic who is a few doors down from the dealer who's selling the motor.

As you can tell I don't know much about this, but what is the general consensus here? Am I getting a well sorted car or one that someone is itching to get rid of because its been unloved. Would that affect me or can these Golfs keep going after a rebuild?

Plus replaced timing chain = Rebuilt Engine. So would this affect fuel economy? How can I tell if the rebuild has been done proper?

Look forward to hearing the replies - Cheers.