Hi all, I’ve just got myself a 2010 Audi A6. Lovely motor, got the 6 CD changer and the multimedia unit with SD cards, navigation and standard 10 speakers. I have so many questions.....

I have an option to adjust subwoofer levels, is that an actual sub or is it just playing around with the low end of the speakers?

I’ve seen various Apple play/android screen/stereo upgrades, are these any good? Simple to fit? Require much extra doing or adding to the car?

Speaker upgrades, I always thought I wanted the Bose system but so many people say it fades or they are not happy, so I’m looking at other options. What’s out there that works best? Can you just replace speakers or needs amps too? I just want to fill existing holes but would like the best sound quality without paying through the nose. Is a mix of brands best? How much would someone likely charge me to fit speakers etc if I provided them with the parts?

Bluetooth, I’m connected via Bluetooth but can’t stream music, ive ordered a cheap AMI Bluetooth cable which I believe will help me but is this the best option? Are there other routes?

I’m interested in getting my camera (the one that sticks on the windscreen for accidents) hard wired in, is this easy? Is it cheap to have done? Are there other options for internal cameras?

I’ve read so many posts and they all just say how people love their sound systems, none of them go into too much detail about what’s works, why people chose that brand or even prices. I’d really love to know as much as possible without going to an audio shop, off the street & blind, and being given the hard sell. Thanks 👍🏻