Hi there,

I had this system fitted into my 2012 Golf this week, to replace the very basic RCD310 it came with. This system is expensive, but is meant to fully integrate with the steering wheel, dashboard display and the car's microphone.

I have the following issues, and my Alpine installer got stuck too.

1. The car's microphone doesn't work. The instructions say to remove the hands-free kit's fuse to avoid conflicts - but I don't know how to find the fuse - any ideas? I tried just unplugging the box under the driver's seat, but it didn't make the microphone work.

2. It is meant to integrate with the Navigation display on the dash. I enabled this menu using VCDS, but it doesn't work - it just shows the compass stuck at N.

The installer may have screwed up, or just not know enough, I'll try to find another one that knows what they're doing but in the meantime I'd like to try some stuff myself.

Any help with this appreciated. There is amazingly little information online about this system, considering its developed by Alpine specifically for the car, I thought it was just a brilliant answer to bring the car up to date.

Cheers for any help and guidance.,

- Rob