Morning all,

Two days ago my 2012 3.0TDi Multitronic started playing up, I got a beep to say engine coolant level was low, stop engine and check. Its never used any coolant in the 2.5years and 50k I've owned it. Topped it up all was fine. Then the car has started to take 3 to 4 seconds to engage drive to move forward. So I know its about due a gearbox service so rang Swift Motor engineering in Newcastle and its booked in for today.
This morning on the way to work it flagged up the low coolant level again, opened the bonnet and sure enough its back min mark, the coolant looks a little black and has me worried, got to work and it flagged up gearbox malfunction you cans till drive.
Im due to travel on the family holiday on Friday towing a caravan from Newcastle to Devon. Does the car have a gearbox oil cooler linked to water system? is it likely to be EGR cooler for coolant and separate issue for gearbox?
Car has been perfect in the time I've had it, it gets a major service every year, has gearbox serviced every 35k and have history to prove it was done in previous ownership.