hello everyone,

today i had a complete electronics failure of my 2011 A6 3.0 TDI quattro (180 KW) while driving around town... it started by simultaneously displaying several errors (TPMS, ESP, air suspension, ACC and braking guard failure). i turned off and started the engine again and this cleared the errors (this has happened a few months before), however they have reappeared soon after and progressively more systems failed.

i have done an autoscan with vcds (attached autoscan 1), tried to clear the errors and rescan after a couple minutes (autoscan 2). can please someone help me locate the fault, as it seems to me that most of the systems point to and ABS (sensor???) failure.

in the meantime things have gotten worse, there are intermittent brake failures, car speed indication does not work, rear view camera and parking sensors are on and off, and even MIL and glow plug indications have both turned on.

the car idles at 1000RPM, the steering wheel is very heavy and the air suspension is completely nonfunctional (like riding a bike).

i have read about similar situations being located as a problem with an ABS sensor (or the bearing connected to it), however i'm confused by the engine errors displayed. i would greatly appreciate your help, as this seems like a major malfunction to me!?!?


p.s. other than the mentioned problems, car runs fine, there is no jerking, hesitation that i have noticed and the brakes seem to work with normal stopping force.