i'm trying to source a towbar for my 2006 A6 4.2 quattro which has the air suspension. it will only be used for a rear luggage carrier so i don't fancy spending megamoney.

i've narrowed it down to 2 westfalia removable ones.
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one says "with height control" whilst the other is "without height control".
whats the difference of the 2, as they look identical in the instructions, and the only difference is c.10 in price. is on tow hook longer/shorter than the other?

i have removed my Westfalia dedicated electrics from my 2016 Skoda Superb. i intended to put it into the Audi.
noticed that the Audi C6 instructions suggest 1 more wire than i have on the skoda loom.

there are 4 power cables which i know what to do with, so those are all taken care of.

there are then:
Orange/Green - CAN-H - i have placed this
Orange/Brown - CAN-L - i have placed this
Black/Red - Stoplights - i have placed this

There are 2 wires remaining in the Audi instructions - which say:
Black/white (or white/red) wire from CCM slot 19 needs to be removed and linked into the Westfalia loom.
Black wire from CCM slot 21 needs to be removed and linked into the Westfalia loom.

Does anyone know where i can find out which these ^ (black/white or white/red and then the black) wires relate to? i've used Elsawin and not been able to find the purpose of them.

the only remaining spare wire i have left in the Westfalia loom is for a Purple/Black wire which went from the Skoda BCM module and connected to the Westfalia loom White/Blue wire. I believe this might be related to the ABS, but cannot know for sure, although the Westfalia instructions for Skoda suggest it is a Switched 15amp charging cable.

thanks in advance.