Hi Guys,

I have a MK6 Golf S as per the title, as it's the base model it does not have rear speakers.
Well, I say it doesn't have them, I've taken the door cards off and the low-mid drivers are actually there, but there are no tweeters nor is there a wiring harness.

I'd like to run wiring to the rear doors and assumed that this would be as simple as getting some 2-core 0.5mm2 cable, adding terminals and running it from the connector on the RNS510 harness to the B Pillar and into the door, then on to a VW 4 Pin connector to the low-mid and on to the tweeter.

However, whilst trying to find tweeters online I came accross some kits that include harnesses, but, there are two long harneses, one with 4 terminals and one with 6.

What on earth are these harneses for? why are they not just a positive and negative for the output on the Hu and the input on the speaker connector?
Will I just be able to run the 2-core cable as I'd planned, or am I missing something here?

The RNS510 pin diagram shows 8 pins, Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left and Rear Right.

Thanks in advance,