So it is time to sell my A6. Wondered if anyone here is interested before I list it for auction.

53 plate, 1.9 tdi Sport AVF. 200k miles, known issues are drivers window reg wire has snapped (again), wheels need a rebalance, headlights need a polish, both front wings are rusty around the arches - they need renewing, small rust patch on bottom of 1 back arch, rear wash doesn't work, just wipes.

Had stacks done to it, have owned it for 4 years, previously it was company owned for most of its life and has service history, then around 2 years had one private owner before me, few receipts for work, then me and everything is receipted, and mileage documented.

Full suspension rebuild, new shocks Bilstein standard fit, not uprated, rear suspension mounts, rear shock top mounts, front strut tops, front wheel bearings (full inc housing branded), 1 CV joint, intercooler, turbo hoses, some vacuum pipes, new branded EGR, cruise fitted, radiator, rad fan, recently had rear wheel bearing hubs replaced with branded parts & new bolts, plus rear discs and pads. Air con pulley replaced, regassed, works just fine. Headlight bulbs upgraded, dip and main with 130% GE's. New branded tyres a few months ago. 6 speed box was rebuilt 3 ish years ago by Ivor Searle, same time replaced clutch, DMF and slave cylinder. Injector loom has been replaced, as has water housing seal at back of engine (common leak point). Gear linkeage ball/ socket replaced. Steering fluid flushed about 2 years ago. Both rear calipers replaced along the way.

Has spare alloy, jack, brace etc.IMG_2780.jpgIMG_2784.jpg