hello all,

due to recent circumstances im without a car and have the opertunity of buying a 2007 seat leon, 2.0tfsi 75k on the clock.

turbo has blown on it. i dont mind doing the work im just in need of bit of advise on how to do it. i used to have a a3 quattro with same engine and have done flywheel and clutch on it before, so played with these engines abit.

i havent picked up car yet so havent taken turbo off yet to see how damaged it is, but im told its not leaking oil and is screaming high pitched.

my questions is:

1, is it possible to rebuild the turbo? if so how hard?

2, does turbo need coding?

3, if i was to buy a new turbo, would it be a certain one? or any k03 from a 2.0tfsi.

thanks all