I have a Passat 2006 with the MFD2 Satnav system and a Sony external cd changer in the glovebox.

The cd changer doesnt seem to work. There are no lights on it and no cd's can be inserted. I have tried taking it out to check the connection but the wire attached to the changer will not pull out far enough.

Does the wire from the changer go into a connector or does the connector attach to the back of the changer unit? If it goes from changer to connector, it seems the connector is stuck up the hole and I can't get my hand in to move it. Would removing the glovebox help with this?

Also, I have removed the mfd2 head unit and at the back there are two blue connectors, one is plugged in (bottom right on the back of the unit), the other blue connector is not attached and does not fit in any other empty slots. Does anyone know what these two blue connectors are for?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.