Hi lads in serious need of help here. My 2.0 fsi (not tfsi) has been throwing these codes constantly for the pass few months.

16577 - Fuel Pressure Sensor (G247)
P0193 - 001 - Short to Plus - Intermittent
16575 - Fuel Pressure Sensor (G247)
P0191 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

the car would stutter especially under acceleration. after a few jerkings the car would rev like normal. Dies while idling sometimes too. starts right back up no problem.

after much reading points me to the lift pump. had that replaced. together with the control module and the filter too. same problem came back. drove me nuts. back to reading again.

from my understanding it seems that the next thing to replace would be the high pressure fuel pump, or the g247 (although AFAIK isn't that common of a failure). is there a way to confirm the HPFP being the culprit? or it's just another case of biting the bullet and get it changed? do note that HPFP for the fsi isn't as straight forward as the tfsi and it really is a PITA to get to, not to mention inspect (the cam follower?). or should i just get a new g247 and see how it goes from there?

another point worth mentioning is that parts here in malaysia can get really expensive (the lift pump alone cost easily GBP200 right here). now i'm in a dilemma of which one should i replace first. hate to say it but my hunch tells me it's the HPFP (it's a 10 year-old car/250000km afterall).

any help would be greatly appreciated. have a good day.