Hello 👋

Hope someone can help. I have a 2014 A6 2.0tdi ultra S/line s/tronic automatic with 49000 miles which has developed a P2279 fault (flashing amber glow plug warning light). When the problem initially occurred I was accelerating on an on slip to join the motorway. The car then went into limp mode.

I pulled over restarted the car and the fault seemed to be reset. However on accelerating again up to 2k revs the same thing happened. I know the code refers to a vacuum leak and as a result had it checked with a smoke machine but this didnít show up any leaks. Iíve also tried giving the car a good run (70 miles in 4th gear) in an effort to reset the DPF but this hasnít solved it either.

Urban driving doesnít activate the fault and very gentle accelerating up to about 70-80mph doesnít activate the fault also.

December last year the Adblue pump was renewed and Iíve had no Adblue warning so far which is unusual after this length of time. But not sure if this is linked.

Thanks for any help.