After reading through pages of AMI info, i am confused as ever.

I bought a used A4 (B8 - 2009) last week and assumed it had an AMI input in the glove box. Unfortunately it didn't. In fact, it has nothing in the glove box part from a spare key holder !

My MMI unit is a 2g high. It has a 6 cd changer in the dash and the control unit around the gears. The DVD sat nav lives in the boot.

From searching around google/youtube/various form's i can't find this combination to gather info about what i need to add an AMI socket to the car.

Do i need the full AMI unit and splitter to the back of the 6 cd changer in the dash, OR am i able to get a AMI cable, and cut a hole for it in the side of the glove box.

Any help would be appreciated.