Hi all,

I changed the clutch and flywheel on my golf over the weekend, I took my time with it and torqued everything up to spec, got the gearbox back on the car and proceeded to bleed the clutch.. this is when it all wen't wrong! I had been trying to bleed the clutch for a good few hours and the pedal wasn't getting any better and would just stick to the floor every time after bleeding even after getting what i thought was all of the air out of the system.. carried on a bit longer until i noticed it was literally peeing brake fluid out of the bell housing.

I have now taken the gearbox back off to find the slave cylinder leaking right out of the seals, Is this just a case of a faulty part or could I have done something wrong? I have new parts on the way to fit but i'm worried its going to happen again! its leaked allover the clutch disc too so that's gonna need replacing, luckily the place I got it from have accepted responsibility and are sending new parts free of charge.

Any ideas what would cause this? I don't think it was actually leaking to start with i'm pretty sure it started to leak after the constant bleeding so i'm confused what has actually gone wrong.