Hi everyone, im new to the forum go easy on me lol.
Hope admin dont mind this thread and hopefully i have selected the right sub forum to add to.
I have an b8 2010 2.0tdi s line.
I need your guys help and advice on this problem i have, i have tried to retrofit folding door mirrors on my car i have got the mirrors that come with the folding motor installed, connected to the car and activated via VCDS upon completing it i notice my passenger side door module did not have pins 9 and 10 for the folding mirror again no issue so brought a door mirror that has these pins although door module is different to my orignal one, item was brought of ebay and is listed as passenger front door module 8K0959793B when i connect this to the car and plug in all the wires to the correct sections, the mirrors still do not fold in, instead via the drivers door using the window switch if i click the passenger side window switch up and down nothing happens but if i move the drivers window switch up and down to move window the driver and the passenger window moves up and down. Do i have to code the new door module in or have i got the incorrect module? Bearing in mind i have brought over 3 modules all do the very same but have different door modules. Can some one please help me out here as im going insane.

Cheers to everyone who can help out.