I have read much about the VW door handles being issues and it clearly is! My passenger side exterior door handle would not open and not catch/resistance was felt, interior door handle worked fine. The door slamming etc worked for a short while but it has been out of action for a long time now and it is time to deal with it. I removed the door panel and found the bowden cable (with the small ball on the end of the wire) that would attach to the exterior handle, however I cannot seem to reattach it to the handle mechanism. I can see the rotary mechanism with a circular hole that rotates outwards as the door handle (exterior) is pulled & the wire grooves on the side of it. I cannot seem to attach it! It seems that the bowden cable end with the exposed metal cable/ball seems slightly too long? Anyway that I seemingly attached it to the handle mechanism is doesn't catch and falls off leaving the door handle not opening.

After tracing it back to the locking motor in the door there doesn't seem to be any movement on the lever arm that the exterior handle bowden cable connects to, nothing in comparison to indoor handle bowden cable anyway. Any guidance with this would be great, I have looked at replacing the bowden cable/door locking mechanism but I am hoping there is a knack to reattaching it!

After watching numerous videos, reading posts etc I cannot seem to find anything that shows how to reattach this damn cable!
Apologies if any of that is confusing, I have done my best to describe it!!
Any help/guidance/opinion would be brilliant