Hi guys, been a forum reader for some years now and found out a lot from you guys, finally hit a problem that I cannot seem to find answers for in searching so here I am!

I have an A4 B5 2.4 tiptronic, Australian delivered, and the remote key fob stopped working. The central locking works fine from the drivers door, everything opens and closes like it should, can put windows up by holding key, car functions normally bar the remote buttons working. I tried resetting the key using all the different methods I could find on the forum and others as well. I bought a new remote fob off ebay, 8LO I believe it is, still nothing works. I took the car in to get the new ABS module coded and asked them to check the central locking, the guy said they would need a lot more time to go over it but couldn't get the car to recognize the keys, yet seemed to think the keys were transmitting ok.

I have copied the codes from ross website, I can see the central locking section and adding/subtracting numbers to get the options you want, so I will go into the cars system and have a look at the code that's in there now to see if it coincides with his instructions. I have my hands on a scan tool that can code and supposedly program, hoping someone can spare the time to suggest where I should start looking.