Hi everyone (new member here)

I have a 2013 cicigo 1.0 with a start/top system. Just been away on holiday to come back and find the battery was dead so go a replacement battery (same spec as in Amps and Cold Crank Amp rating) and install and working fine

I should say i had to initially jump start the car to confirm it was a battery issue

After about 30 miles the EPC warning light came on (i can reset it via putting the igniotion into position 1 for a couple of minute) but the warning returns after a couple of miles.

i brought a generic OCB-II reader which said there where no error or codes to read

Checked the rear break lights are ok, which they are (which some commens seem to say could be failed due to a switch)

im wondering if the jump start may have shorted something.

Any thought on what to do / check next or it it off to a VW dealer to get them to check with their own reader th diag code

(or is someone has one on Portsmouth / Southampton / Winchester area i am willing to pay to get the codes read out)

Many thanks in advance