Hi everyone.
I have an Audi A1 sport 2012 1.6tdi. 103k
Great car bought from new, recently serviced by Audi specialists.
Noticed the next day that the coil lamp started flashing and eventually the engine light came on.
No noticeable difference in performance, other than Stop Start doesn't work in this condition.

I attached my VAG II and got the following codes.

P0101 Mass or Volume Airflow A circuit range performance
P0111 Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 circuit range/performance.

I removed the MAF sensor and cleaned it using MAF cleaner, thinking that maybe the change of air filter at the service may have dirtied it.
Seemed ok for 60 miles then came on again, same codes. I decided to change the MAF for new as I have 100K+.Seemed ok again for 60 miles and it came on again.

Now I have checked the connections, wiring as best I can, connector and terminals are locked and clean, can't see or hear any air leaks in the air intake so I'm puzzled.

Being a cynic I wondered if the garage that serviced it, did something to get more work, or maybe the fluffy looking air filter is causing a problem.

One thing I did wonder having read somewhere, the Brake switch is somehow connected to the MAF electrically? today it was ok for 32 miles on my motorway drive as soon as I needed to hit the brakes at speed to slow down the light came on. Now this may be coincidence, but I am wondering if there's something in it. Or could it be the sudden reduction in airflow causing that?

Anyone else found these codes and resolved them?