So I had a bit of a hickup wich mostly ended up in limp mode about 2 times per 100km. Which was gone after restart. Sometimes a few days without.
Got worse in the last 2 weeks. Now it sometimes goes into this very fast hickup which feels like its fluctuating between no and yes boost very fast. And then goes into limp mode. Or it just continues to do that when pushing the pedal. Anyway I restart and its all good again,
Read the codes and this came up.

Read a lot about it.
Most people point at maf, n75 or vacuum lines.
Now I do have some shady vacuum lines. But they did not get worse and they were just as shady 20000km a go.
I replaced the ones I could reach and which looked the worst.
Didnt help.

So I suspected maf.
Did the test from:
MAF sensor FAQ, troubleshooting, and replacement for VW and Audi TDI (diesel) | VW TDI forum, Audi, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze diesel forum

Now I get a bit of a strange result. They say actual and specified should be around the same.
But actual is actually higher than the specified. At around 3000rpm actual goes up till just over 1100. while specified never ever goes over 850.
And even at lower rpm the actual is always higher.
Then the limp mode kicks in and like the page sais, actual never goes over about 540.

I recently had sort of same issue with my volvo 850 benzine. Also was a maf problem in the end.

But maybe someone has any other ideas or things to test?