I have recently moved to Shefford Bedfordshire, so don't have a trusted local repairs offering. My Golf has worn a rear set of tyres really odd (not saw tooth like "normal") and i think its the shocks allowing them to skip about and wear weird. Front shocks been flagged for a while as misting........handling is not as good as was and i think its likely that this is all related! It could easily be shocks, bushes, springs even. Fear of a bad job is putting me off sorting it, I cant believe how much pain its causing thinking of anyone other than Paul at Richardsons working on her, jesus its not even like she is a performance car - I just need to trust they who work on my car...........and no i don't trust main dealers.

What i need is a good garage like Richardsons of Westham, Eastbourne who can do honest work for honest money.

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy alternative to a main dealers anywhere near SG17 postcode, I'll go an hour happily for the right garage. My default is to go 2.5 hours back to my safe haven in Westham!!

Many thanks,