I have a Mk v Golf as well as my Mk iv and unfortunately my Mkv has the common juddery idle. Its the BKD engine 140hp.

I got the timing belt and water pump done as it was due, also changed the cam sensor at the same time as there were old fault codes relating to the cam sensor but the judder / misfire is still there at idle. I have VCDS and the torsion value reads -2.5. I can't remember what it was reading before the timing belt was done.

I think the judder is worse since the timing belt was changed but it was definitely there beforehand anyway.

What should the torsion value setting actually be, I've read of 3 different values: Apparently Vw specs is anywhere between -3.0 to +3.0. Most stuff on the internet seems to state should be set to 0.0 or as close to 0.0 as possible. Then something else I found on the internet states the ideal torsion value is -2.5 which happens to be what my Golf is reading, yet is juddering.

What exactly is this judder anyway, is it a misfire or a vibration or what?

I'd like to get this solved as its fairly annoying when in stop / start traffic, etc... Is it worth bring it to a VW specialist who can adjust the cams position and try get the torsion value set to 0.0? There are no fault codes relating to the engine, the cam sensor fault codes are gone since new sensor fitted and codes cleared.

I've read as well that also with the torsion setting, theres some other setting I can't remember the exact name of it, but something to do with litres of diesel used per hr or such was worth checking in VCDS too, anyone know about that. I don't think there is any point in me swapping looms, flywheels, injectors,,,, etc etc as all that seems to have been done by other folk with the same issue and it din't fix it.

Also, I've read of some folks judder getting slightly better when the air con is switched on and the idle revs raise, this doesn't help in my car, I don't notice any difference when switching the A/c on, my revs don't seem to raise and the judder stays exactly the same.