Hello everyone,

So, I have a 59 plate Audi A4, normally a lovely car to drive with no issues. However I have recently been to Australia competing for nearly 4 weeks and the car was stationary whilst I was gone. I have been away many times and left my car and there has been no issues when I return.

This time, (about 1 week ago) I have started noticing that I have a problem with the power steering. When I am driving up to around 35 mph I have a ‘notchy’ feeling in the steering wheel where if I was to turn the wheel either way, there will be areas of the turn that go stiff and release again, very annoying when coming off a small roundabout. When I am on the motorway it seems fine though. If I am driving really slow like parking for example, the problem is intermittent.

After reading my manual, it sound like it’s an electronic regulating system fault (judging by the symptoms) but I have no warning lights on and I recently had a diagnostics test done and nothing showed up:/

Does anyone have any advice please?

Thank you,