Hi Everyone,

First time posting here so would appreciate any help.

I have a 2010 VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI

About 2 months ago on our coldest day of the year, I needed to jump start the car. I used a portable battery pack (which I have used spontaneously in the past and always worked first time no problem) to start the car. However it took me 4/5 attempts to do this, the car was chugging until it eventually worked and the dash lights were flashing extremely quickly. Once the engine turned over, there were 2 warning lights left on: a flashing coil amber light and a solid non flashing amber engine management light. After driving for a bit these did not go away so I decided to take it to the local garage (not VW dealer).

They ran a basic diagnostic test and it came back with 2 problems. The first being a glow plug that had gone out and the second one relating to the Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit (as the title of this thread suggests).

It was hoped that this test might clear the lights - but it didn't. So it was suggested to get the glow plug replaced first. This was completely wedged into the engine and would only come out after having a lot of heat being applied to it. Once the new one was put in the coil light was still flashing. The Turbocharger code still remained.

Now due to funds I have not been able to look into this any more until now. I realise I could be doing more damage to the car (which could be a greater expense) but I must add that I am seeing no change in performance to the driving of the car. It drives completely normally even now. The only thing worrying me is that the regeneration of the car cannot take place due to the engine lights being on - to clear the soot out (or this is what I was told by the garage anyway).

So this week I had a vag- com / VCDS test ran on the car by the same garage (not a VW dealer). It came back with exactly the same error: VCDS Fault Code 009571 - Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit P2563 - Implausible Signal

The garage is suggesting (from the Ross-Tech website) it is something to do the following:
Wiring and/or Connections from/to Vane Position Sensor (G581) faulty
Engine Control Module (ECM) faulty
Vane Position Sensor (G581) faulty
Binding Issues due to Adjustment/Turbocharger Excessive Carbon build-up
Vacuum Leak from/to Turbocharger (Wastegate) Actuator and Solenoid Valve for Boost Pressure Control (N75)

They cannot be more specific. They are simply saying to trial and error all these things until they find the problem. They are suggesting to clean out the Turbo first, replace the sensor second and then purchase some kit for the Vacum leak third. They also say it could be a faulty turbocharger or faulty actuator. To be honest I am not satisfied with all these many solutions which could cost a lot of money and they might not even be the problems. They have disregarded the fact these lights came on from jump starting the car - so my gut opinion says its something electrical rather than carbon build up for example.

I've read a lot of on other web pages saying I could have damaged the ECU when jump starting. Could this jump starting also have taken out the glow plug (as there were no warning lights previous to this)? What do you likely think the problem could be? My gut says the ECU. Please see the full VCDS fault log below (hopefully you may be able to decipher the problem with the info):

Address 01: Engine (CBD) Labels: 03L-906-022-CBA.clb
Part No SW: 03L 906 022 KD HW: 03L 906 022 G
Component: R4 2.0I TDI 0000SG 9979
Revision: 13H07---
Coding: 0001072

1 Fault Found:
009571 - Turbocharger Boost Control Position Circuit
P2563 - 000 - Implausible Signal
Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01100000
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset Counter: 255
Mileage: 116713 km
Date: 2012.09.14 (why is this date old)?

Freeze Frame:
RPM 782 /min
Speed 0
Voltage 14.06 V
Lambda 68.6%
Lambda -22.1%
Bin. Bits: 00001110
Voltage 2.432 V

Readiness: 0 0 0 0 1

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.