MY A6 all road just tried to kill me. For the last week I've been getting messages on my dash that various lights had blown , which they hadn't. I was driving home a couple of days ago when the electric handbrake warning light flashed up. In a split second the hand brake came on and the car switched off and the steering lock engaged. By pure luck I was only doing 30 mph on a quiet road. The car has been recovered to a garage and i'm waiting for it to be looked at. If this had happened on a motorway at 70 or on a bend I wouldn't be here now, i'd be dead or in hospital. Has this happened before ? My problem now is I don't trust the car and my girlfriend won't drive it again. I think I will end up with a massive bill to get the death trap back on the road with no guarantee that it won't happen again this time with fatal outcome. What can I do >